The Bright-Eyed Talking Doll That Just Might Be a Spy



Article here

This is terrifying. What differentiates this from other forms of surveillance is that it targets the most vulnerable group in society: children. Hackers, people with some sinister, ulterior motive can target and attack our children.

Another interesting issue is Germany’s privacy laws. Germany has banned this doll, due to  its strong privacy laws. Germany has learnt from its gruesome history under the Nazi regime (where the transfer of personal data can literally kill).

There some severe implications:

  1. Where will the line be drawn for surveillance? Will this be a consideration to other (seemingly) mundane items? Ovens? Pillows? Food?
  2. How will legislation adapt to protect people’s privacy?

All I know is that dolls are not our friends.

Post by: Wen Jie


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