The world if robots take our jobs

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Publication Date : 15th February 2017

By 2037, an estimated 47% of jobs currently done by humans will be performed by machines. With so much automation to come, what will humans do with their time?

Points mentioned in the video :

  • Computers are developing the capabilities to take on increasingly sophisticated everyday tasks
  • In the past, many tasks which seemed impossible for a computer to do is now becoming a reality. (driver-less cars/trucks, human speech recognition)
  •  Balance between booming productivity and welfare VS Meaningfulness and Employment

Questions to ponder :

  • What would happen to those who are put out of their jobs involuntarily?
  • Should we outlaw certain technology/automation which could potentially lead to mass unemployment?
  • What regulations should be imposed; and by what guidelines (ethics, pragmatism)?
  • What are some new economies that could arise due to automation?
  • What implications will there be on society? (quality of life, standard or living

Post by : Tze Sheng


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